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山西快乐十分开奖结果: Site Cookie Information

Cookies and VisitTheUSA

太原11选5 Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer when you visit many websites. These can be used for a number of purposes, including identifying users and managing custom content.

At, we're making it simpler to manage the cookies we use on our site by allowing you to easily disable non-essential cookies by clicking the link in the footer below.

Please note that while we will not read or write any non-essential cookies if you choose to disable, cookies set prior to you changing your settings will still be on your computer. You can remove them using your?browser settings.

If you have JavaScript enabled, you can use our online option to turn off non-essential cookies; if not, you can still learn about our cookies here, but you must manage them through your web?browser settings.

The International Chamber of Commerce guide for cookie categories classifies them in the following way:

  • Strictly Necessary
  • Performance
  • Functionality
  • Targeting

The site uses cookies in the following categories:

Strictly Necessary

'Strictly Necessary' cookies let you move around the website and access essential features.?They do not gather any personal information that could be used for marketing or remembering which pages you have visited on the Internet.

Why we use ‘Strictly Necessary’ cookies:

  • To determine the country you are in, so we may serve you the most relevant version of our site.

Cookies we have defined as 'Strictly Necessary' will NOT be used to:

  • Gather information that could facilitate advertising products or services to you.
  • Remember your preferences or username beyond your current visit.

Accepting our ‘Strictly Necessary’ cookies is a condition of using this website. Should you prevent these cookies, we can't guarantee your security or predict how our website will function.

This is a list of the cookies we have defined as 'Strictly Necessary':

  • NoGeoIP
  • at


'Functionality' cookies are used to provide services or to remember settings in order to improve your visit.

Why we use 'Functionality' cookies:

  • To remember whether you have already visited the site, so that we can determine whether a welcome message is appropriate.
  • To remember whether you have already been shown an example of how the main navigation works.
  • To show you when you're logged in to the website.

Cookies we have defined as 'Functionality' will NOT be used to:

  • Target you with advertisements when you are visiting other websites.

Whether or not these cookies are deployed is up to you. Preventing them, however, will possibly stop us from offering you some services.

This is a list of the cookies we have defined as 'Functionality':

  • first_home_page_visit
  • keep_menu_closed
  • UserId
  • __utmz
  • __utma
  • __utmb
  • __utmc

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